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Leading Edge Filings has a simple and up-front pricing. Our service of preparing a federal trademark application is $159.95 - the same pricing whether the mark is a text or logo. Please note that this price does not include the required government application fee of $375.00 per class of goods/services. To begin the process, simply submit our service fee directly online. We will then prepare and send you the trademark package which you’ll need to sign and forward to the USPTO along with the required government fee.

A typical lawyer charges about $500-$800 per filing, not including the required government fee. You'll be thrilled to discover that this surprisingly affordable online process is less than $160! You save hundreds of dollars!

Trademark Application Preparation:

Prepare a U.S. Federal Trademark Application (Text or Logo)$159.95

  Package Includes:
    Professionally prepare a U.S. federal trademark application.
    Includes direct-hit search for conflicting names.
    Review application for completeness and accuracy.
    Prepared documents will be shipped to you via FedEx with tracking.

24-hour Rush Processing (optional)

  Once we receive all of your application items, we will process your order
  within 24 hours.

Trademark Search Report (optional):

U.S. Federal and 50-State Trademark Search $149.95

  Package Includes:
    Search of pending and registered Federal trademarks.
    Search of pending and registered trademarks from all 50 States.

Full Comprehensive U.S. Trademark Search $249.95

  Package Includes:
    Complete search strategy to uncover any exact or similar trademarks at the U.S. Federal, 50-State, Common Law and Internet Domain Name sources.
    Search of pending and registered Federal trademarks.
    Search of pending and registered trademarks from all 50 States.
    30,000+ trusted news, business and financial sources around the world.
    Business records with more than 12 million U.S. entries from all 50 States.
    Analysis and company records from Dun & Bradstreet®, Gale Brands®, Dow Jones®, Hoover's®, Experian®, Standard & Poor's®, etc.
    Yellow Page listings of approximately 16 million businesses in the U.S.
    Internet domain name search of the popular extensions, including .com
    Analytical search of phonetically similar mark names by using powerful search queries including: wildcards, root words, multi-character substitutions, word segments and permutations, character replacement truncation variations, pseudo marks, and more.

Required Government Pricing:

USPTO's Application Filing Fee

Please note that the required government fee is per class of goods/services in an application.

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