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Here’s what our Extremely Satisfied customers say about Leading Edge Filings:

"I'm glad to see a service that does trademark professionally at a really affordable rate. For me, it's a huge complicated process that I don't even know where to start. I used to have a local lawyer do a trademark for me and charged an arm and a leg $950. But, the service I got at Leading Edge Filings was as professional as any lawyer would do, just without the huge fee. Thank you so much for saving me hundreds of dollars. I would highly recommend them to anyone interested in applying for a trademark".
Tom S., New York, NY

"Wow you guys are awesome! The service is professional, fast and simple. After submitting my online application, I received the trademark docs in two days!"
Joseph Z., Parsippany, NJ

"I was doing some online searching on companies that practice US trademark service. I was a bit hesitant to do my application online because of internet security and the fact that I thought most people go to an attorney to do the trademark. However, the application process at behappystayfrosty.com was very easy and secure. They showed me step by step to complete my application. After I received my trademark documents I was good to go in confidently promoting my business without the fear that someone else can steal my business name. Thank you."
Scott A., Pearland, TX

"Everything was easy and I didn't have to pay the hefty attorney fees most lawyers charge! This service is what I've been searching for."
Don H., Zeeland, NY

"I've been tremendously satisfied with the exceptional, easy and convenient service that I have received. It was pivotal to Obtain a trademark for my business service and you guys made it happen for me. Thank you."
John C., Cambridge, MA

"I feel I have received a very good service for a very reasonable price. I would have spent over $1000 had I gone elsewhere. Doing it here was quick, simple and very affordable...im definetly going to be using you guys for my future trademark applications."
Isaac D., Prescott Valley, AZ

"This has been truly an outstanding and remarkable service for a steal price. I have undoubtedly been impressed with the excellent turn around to my online order. In less than two days I have received my trademark filing from you folks. I commend you all on an outstanding and professional service."
Stanley T., Altus, OK

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